Calf Health

Cloud-Based Platform for Calf and Herd Health Management

Track your detailed animal health records, treatment protocols and tasks in one digital space for efficiencies that boost your business and insights that help you raise and manage a healthy herd.

Calf Health

Optimize calf health management

HerdLogix provides the tools you need to track the wellbeing of your animals from the very beginning of their life cycle. Use our dedicated Calf Health module to keep record of and analyze information that can help minimize illness, so you can maximize future production. Track weaning date & weight, colostrum details, lung ultrasound scores and more.

Digital Records

Keeping mobile digital records can help boost your consistency and compliance


Of surveyed dairy producers record calf health records on paper booklets*



Greater odds of documenting antimicrobial treatments were reported among dairy producers who utilized a computer software system*


Mobility of records matter

Surveyed dairy producers had 3x greater odds of recording anti-inflammatory treatments if records were located in the calf barn* 


Of surveyed dairy producers reported that an easy-to-use mobile app was important for improving treatment recording.*


Automate daily tasks 

Set up custom task requirements that will trigger real-time to-do lists for you and your team. This can include treatment protocols and any herd management needs, with the ability to record completed tasks directly in the app.  

Health Records

Track health records of your entire herd with ease 

It’s no secret that manually tracking health information for hundreds or thousands of animals can get complicated and pose a risk to your business. Use the app to manage all the health records you need right from your smartphone, including health events, administred products, scheduled service and more.

Treatment Protocols

Execute treatment protocols

Easily create, implement, and assign treatment protocols to stay on top of your herd’s evolving needs. Streamline your management by tracking the progress and outcomes of each treatment, ensuring the well-being of every member in your herd.


Coming Soon!

Manage inventory on the go  

The inventory module makes it quick and easy to manage and maintain your inventory. HerdLogix is built to support the unique requirements of the industry including: partially opened bottles, managing expirations and ensuring minimum inventories are met. 


HerdLogix is fully integrated with our VetLogix veterinary management platform. Let your veterinary team know about VetLogix so you can both stay connected and up to date on health statuses and treatment protocols.

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